Ylyna Mavelan Remoerdis was a treaty bride, married to the King of Lineas, Deveran Remoerdis, in order to secure the end of the Lineas-Baires War. Being the only member of the Baires royal family with no Mage-Gift made her the only acceptable candidate for magic-shy Lineas.

She was fourteen at the time of the wedding, still mostly a child, though she was also rather experienced in bed. She had been mostly ignored by her family until she was sent to Lineas, then the letters started. She was terrified of her relatives, more so when she received a letter.

Her first child, Tashir, came a few weeks early and looked exactly like her brother, Vedric. Rumor had it that Vedric had fathered him, only discovering after the fact that the expected woman in his bed was not the one he had called for, but instead his poor, mad sister. When Tashir's Fetching Gift manifested, it seemed only to confirm the rumors. He was disinherited in favor of his younger brothers whose paternity was assured. He was then left wholly in Ylyna's care. She treated him the same way she was likely treated by her family, alternately petting him and beating him. Eventually, she even set out to seduce him.

Ylyna was killed by Vedric's trap-spell, along with the other inhabitants of the Linean royal palace.

In the seriesEdit

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