Ylsa is a Herald during the reign of Queen Selenay, given the job of Special Messenger because of her Companion Felara's unusual stamina. She was the lifebonded mate of Keren.

At the end of the novel, Arrows of the Queen, Talia is linked empathically with Ylsa while Ylsa is being ambushed. Ylsa is killed in the attack, devastating Talia and her lifemate, Keren. Her last act as a Herald is to send a mental message to Kyril. Ylsa had achieved physical evidence of the betrayal of several Valdemaran lords, including Council members.

After her death, Ylsa appears to Talia and gives her a message for Keren and Sherrill, that they should be happy together. She also dulls the intense vividness of Talia's experience being empathically linked to Ylsa while she was being killed.

In the series Edit

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