A wyrsa pack leader

Wyrsa are incredibly deadly spell-conjured creatures. A mad cross between a viper and a coursing-hound, they hunt in packs, taking down their prey with stunning efficiency. They appear to flow, more than move like a normal animal. As they are described:

"In color they were a smoky black, with skin that gave an impression of smooth scales rather than hair. They had long, long necks, too long by far, and arrowhead-shaped heads that were an uncanny mingling of snake and greyhound, with yellow, pupilless eyes that glowed in the same way and with the same shifting color that the globe that had birthed them had glowed. The teeth in those narrow muzzles were needle-sharp, and as long as a man's thumb. They had bodies like greyhounds as well, but the legs and tails seemed unhealthily stretched and unnaturally boneless." (Magic's Pawn)
Tylendel called up a pack of wyrsa to attack the Leshara family as part of his mad scheme to avenge his twin's murder. Gala tried to intervene, choosing death-by-wyrsa over her own grief. Evan Leshara was also killed before the pack could be trapped and destroyed.

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