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Lyrics Edit

Women of steel, your bodies are cold

Where is the passion of days of old? 

Held in your prison, you wither and die 

Leaving love untold 

Strength of arm is a useful thing 

But leaden arms can never turn to wings 

And soon you will find all your youthfulness gone 

As you sit by your fireside, all alone 


Choose to be warm, 

Leave your armor and weapons behind 

Learn to be kind; choose to be wise 

Tell go all the warrior's disguises 

Women of steel, the fighting is done 

Now turn your eyes to the blazing sun 

And let your hearts fill with joy and delight 

As you conquer the darkness and enter the fight 

[Music Interlude] 


Some day the call will arise again 

And you will join with a few honest men 

To fight the evil that lingers and waits 

By the forest gates, by the forest gates 

By the forest gates

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