Withen Ashkevron was the Lord of Forst Reach during the reigns of Elspeth the Peacemaker and Randale. He served on Randale's Council, and continued in that position when Treven and Jisa took the thrones. He was also the younger brother of Herald-Mage Savil, and the father of Herald-Mage Vanyel.

Before taking over the position as Lord Holder from his father, Joserlin Ashkevron, Withen had been an officer in the Guard, fighting in border wars and skirmishes. He was described as having broad shoulders, a trimmed brown beard, brown hair held back in a tail with a silver ring, and dark brown eyes "as open and readable as a dog's." (Magic's Promise) As he aged, he acquired some wrinkles in his face and gray streaks in his hair and beard.

When Vanyel was a child, Withen named a new priest for the manor chapel, replacing the priest who had retired. Father Leren Benvy was, among other things, extremely homophobic. He convinced Withen, who already had his doubts about Vanyel, that the boy was doomed if he couldn't be straightened out. Withen then made it very clear to his armsmaster, Jervis, that he was to 'make a man' of Vanyel. Jervis knew Withen really wanted him to turn Vanyel into a copy of his father, an impossible feat.

As Vanyel later grew into his power and position as the kingdom's premier Herald-Mage, he and Withen began to reconcile. It took a while for Withen to see the man his son had become, but he could respect all Vanyel had accomplished. Father Leren's betrayal was the final blow that brought them together at last.

When Vanyel's reputation turned his parents into targets, he convinced Withen to accept the Council seat the people of the region had been trying to talk him into for years. That allowed Withen and his wife, Treesa, to move to the royal palace in Haven, where Vanyel believed he could keep them safe. Withen turned over the running of his holding to his second son and heir, Mekeal.

Family Edit

Father: Joserlin Ashkevron

Sister: Herald-Mage Savil

Wife: Treesa Brendywhin-Ashkevron

Children: Captain Lissa, Herald-Mage Vanyel, Mekeal, Kaster, Heforth, Deleran, Charis, and several more unnamed daughters

In the seriesEdit

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