Wintermoon k'Sheyna is a night scout and hunter for the Tayledras Clan k'Sheyna. His father, Starblade, contracted with a k'Treva mage for a child. She gave birth to twins. By prior arrangement, the boy went to Starblade and the girl stayed with k'Treva. Unfortunately for Starblade, who wanted a small copy of himself, Wintermoon is not Mage-Gifted and has only enough mind magic to communicate with his bondbirds and other non-humans, such as kyree, tervardi and dyheli. His twin sister inherited all of the magical Gifts. Starblade's resentment of this fact lead to a complete lack of any kind of relationship between the two.

Starblade had better luck with his second child, Darkwind, who was Adept-class before giving up magic in the wake of the Heartstone disaster. Despite their father doting on him, Wintermoon never resented his significantly younger brother, though avoiding the seeds of such resentment lead to Wintermoon's near avoidance of the Vale. (It was Wintermoon who brought Darkwind the news of his lover's death, and comforted him.) It wasn't until after being broken by Mornelithe Falconsbane that Starblade gained some perspective on his life and relationships, and finally attempted to establish a relationship with his oldest son.

Wintermoon joined Skif in his search for Nyara. Given their similar dispositions and outlook on life, the two became very close during this time, regarding each other as adopted brothers. Despite his love for both Darkwind and Skif, in the end Wintermoon left with his Clan for their new Vale.

Bondbirds Edit

Wintermoon is bonded to two owls, Corwith and K'Tathi. This lead to him becoming almost entirely nocturnal himself. His relationship with his birds also lead to his becoming the finest night-hunter in the Clan. K'Tathi perches on Wintermoon's head, and allows the scout to look through his eyes. Wintermoon practiced shooting arrows against a tree until he could hit his mark every time with this technique.

In the series Edit

Wintermoon appears in the following works:

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