This is the Tayledras term for a non-Tayledras who has been made an honorary member of the Clan. Wingsiblings may come and go from the Clan's Vale as they please, and may expect assistance when required. They are also expected to aid their adopted Clan when necessary.

Ceremony Edit

Being made a wingsibling requires sponsorship by a member of the Clan, whether Tayledras or wingsib. The sponsor leads the candidate into the Vale to the foot of the Heartstone. A Clan Elder stands before the Heartstone and invokes the Truth Spell on the candidate. The candidate is then asked if they bring any ill-intent into the Vale. Then they are asked if they wish to join the Clan. This is followed by the oath itself:

"Hear, then the privileges of brotherhood: to come and go freely within all lands held by Tayledras [Clan name]; to call upon your brothers in times of need; to ask of us teaching; to make your home among us. Hear also the responsibilities of brotherhood: to keep the secrets of the Clan; to neither bring nor lead strangers among us; to keep our lands and guard them as we do; to answer to our need if no other oath prevents; to teach when it is asked of you, aid when it is asked of you, give shelter and succor to your brothers of the Clan, of Tayledras, ,and of Shin'a'in. Can you be bound to these conditions?" (Winds of Change)
The candidate is shown a vision of the blasted crater that became the Dhorisha Plains, and the Sudering of the Clans. They are then shown the Tayledras moving north into the Pelagirs and asking their gddess for protection. They experience the Star-Eyed's answer and the striking of the bargain. That is followed by a further oath:
"This is the last oath you must swear--that you will aid your brothers of the Clan in their duty, as your own oaths permit--and that never will you use what is taught you here for the sake of your own power, pride, and status." (Winds of Change)
Once the oaths are taken, the vrondi are dismissed and the celebration can begin.


Celebration by Larry Dixon

Characters Edit

Characters who have sworn this oath include:

Character Clan
Elspeth k'Sheyna
Kethra k'Sheyna
Savil k'Treva
Skif k'Sheyna
Tre'valen k'Sheyna
Vanyel k'Treva

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