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Wind's four quarters:
Air and fire
Earth and water
Hear my desire

Grant my plea
Who stands alone
Maiden, Warrior
Mother and Crone

Eastern wind blow 

Clear blow clean 

Cleanse my body 

Of it's pain 

Cleanse my mind of 

What I've seen 

Cleanse my honor 

Of it's stain 

Maid whose love 

Has never ceased 

Bring me healing 

From the East  


Southern wind blow 

Hot blow hard 

Fan my courage 

To a flame 

Southern wind be 

Guide and guard 

Add your bravery 

To my name 

Let my will 

And yours be twinned 

Warrior of 

The southern wind 


Western wind blow 

Stark blow strong 

Grant me arm and 

Mind of steel 

On a road both 

Hard and long 

Mother hear me 

Where I kneel 

Let no weakness 

On my quest 

Hinder me, 

Wind of the West 

[Instrumental] or [Chorus] (depending on version)   

 Northern wind blow 

Cruel blow cold 

Sheath my aching 

Heart in ice 

Armour 'round my 

Soul enfold 

Crone I need not 

Call you twice 

To my foes bring 

The cold of death 

Chill me north winds 

Frozen breath 


Maiden, Warrior, 

Mother and Crone

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