There are several different schools for magic in Rethwellan. Their primary difference is in their philosophy. The White Winds school teaches that Other-Planar creatures should never be coerced for their magical assistance. Entities from the Abyssal Planes aren't dealt with at all, except to be banished or destroyed. Power is never taken by intentionally harming or killing.

The school also believes that magic talent exists to be used as a force of good in the world. Therefore, White Winds mages are wanderers, never settling in one place until they are ready to open a school of their own.

Testing Edit

Unlike many other schools of magic White Winds has a program of self-testing to rise in rank from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master to Adept. This is a logical approach, given that White Winds mages are expected to wander far from their schools and teachers.

When a mage feels ready to test for the next level, he begins with the Journeyman spell, which he would have conquered before being released into the world. Each spell takes progressively more power, however, if successful, each completed spell provides the power needed for the next one in the series.

The Journeyman spell calls the Lesser Winds of the Stable Elements, Fire and Earth. The Master spell calls the Greater Winds of the Mutable Elements, Air and Water. The Adept spell calls the Wind of the Five Elements, the White Wind for which the school is named.

As each spell is completed, it unlocks new power and knowledge. Unless the mage is ready for this next level, the testing spell will not be completed successfully.

Notable White Winds magesEdit

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