Wethes was the richest banker in Mornedealth. More than anything he wanted an entrance into the upper echelon of the city's ruling Fifty Families. His secret vice was little girls, which he kept for himself in a private brothel.

When Kethry's brother, Kavin, met Wethes, he couldn't resist making what seemed an incredible bargain to him. He sold the then twelve-year-old Kethry into "marriage" with Wethes. Kethry was rescued by her old nurse, Tildy, and escaped.

Wethes, aided by Kavin, maintained the fiction that his "shy" wife hadn't been able to handle life in town and was instead living quietly on his country estate. This explained her continued absence, while Wethes continued to enjoy the benefits of having married into the Fifty Families. Under law, even had the marriage been a valid one, they would have been legally divorced after she was gone for three years.

Years later, when Tarma and Kethry found themselves in Mornedealth, Wethes made the mistake of kidnapping Kethry. His house mage, Regyl, could barely contain her. Tarma, along with their new friends, Justin Twoblade, Ikan Dryvale and Cat mounted a rescue mission. The furious Kethry took Wethes to court, where his predilections became public knowledge, and he was forced to pay a stiff settlement. Tarma and Kethry used the money to launch their mercenary careers.

Wethes never recovered from the humiliation of the court case. Cat, another of his former child victims, agreed that destroying his life beyond repair was a perfectly adequate revenge.

There are implications that Wethes is as repugnant in his business practices as in his personal life. When Tarma and Kethry first enter town, the City Guard is still recovering from putting down bread riots. There is no apparent reason for the price to be so outrageous, and rumors say Wethes is artificially creating the grain shortage.

In the series Edit

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