The Web-Guardians monitored the Web-Spell that acted as an early warning system for the kingdom of Valdemar. Guardianship required a Herald-Mage of sufficient power and training, nothing less than Master class. These mages then kept the Web powered by feeding energy into it. They also actively monitored it for suspicious magic anywhere in the land. The mages each used a focus stone to aid in this task.

Four Herald-Mages were needed, one for each quadrant of the Web. With the ranks of the Herald-Mages steadily shrinking, Vanyel went to work on the problem. By the time he had a solution, they were down to only four Herald-Mages left living who could act as Guardians, including Vanyel himself. He finally put a solution in place that altered the Web, powering the spell with a node and Heartstone, and using all the Heralds of Valdemar in place of Guardians.

Guardian list Edit

The Herald-Mages who served as Web-Guardians include:

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