Waystations are shelters well-stocked with food and other needs that exist for Heralds on circuit who need to find refuge for one reason or another. They are fairly simple structures, usually one room with a fireplace, storage cupboards and two empty box beds. There is generally some type of stabling attached.

In the far north, waystations may have two sets of doors built airlock fashion, preventing heat from being lost when someone needs to go in out out. They may also have a storage area built on with its own door into the main room, so that no one has to go out into the cold and snow for supplies.

During the time of King Kiril, the stations were maintained by the nearest towns, and were a good indicator of how the local populace felt about Heralds. By the time of Queen Selenay the system had evolved and the stations are stocked from Resupply Posts in each region, which are in turn kept supplied by the Guard. A Herald oversees each Resupply Post, but are in turn overseen by a Court official, who can track the various expenditures. In 'present day' Valdemar, this official is Herald Kris' mother.

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