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Early LifeEdit

Quite little is known about Warrl's early life. But he is supposedly a standard Pelagirs Forest Kyree of the Hyrrull pack. It is also learned that he is much like Tarma, since he is neuter.

Joining With Tarma and KethryEdit

Kethry and Tarma decided they needed guidance, and so Kethry did a summoning. Warrl finally appeared, but he bonded not with the one doing the Calling; instead he bonded with Tarma. He justified his choice, by saying that the Kal'enedral needed him, while Kethry had the geas blade, "Need."

Service to the Sword-SistersEdit

Warrl serves the Sword-Sisters, as their friend and companion. When they join in with Idra's Sunhawks, Idra not only gains Kethry and Tarma, but Warrl as well. Warrl can, and has been used to, scout ahead, as he was in Oathbound, before Tarma followed. Warrl is also deadly in combat, as he nearly tore off the leg of Devaril, leader of Devaril's Devils, a mercenary company on Kelcrag's side in the campaign. He also accompanies them when they go on their search for Idra.


Warrl lived out his twilight years with the mage and sword maiden whom he had served alongside most of his life. When Kethry took on students at her tower, he also served as an instructor, frequently playing the part of kings of neutral countries when the students engaged in war games.

In the series: Edit

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