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Ride, warrior, ride 

With your blade by your side, 

Follow on your spirit-steed 

While wounds darken and bleed. 

Reap the wind as you fly, 

Hear the night beasts cry. 

Cold tears run with the rain 

Down the horse's mane. 

Something dark in a hall of stone, 

Something bright like a diamond shone - 

Mist and magic fill the air - 

Wedding feast to Devil's Lair. 

Suddenly the walls run red, 

Kid and kin are lying dead. 

None to follow, none to chase - 

Fear and pain on the young bride's face. 


Underneath the blankets deep, 

Gather secrets that you keep - 

Things for dreaming, things for play - 

Things safe for a bloody day. 

Now the metal touches skin, 

Now the hunting will begin, 

Racing after wild and blind, 

Leaving home and heart behind. 


Saddle up the waiting mare, 

Leap into the chilling air - 

To the witch and all her power - 

Ride on to Kethry's tower. 

Help - you need the magic strong, 

To race you master whole nightlong. 

A mage and a magic spell 

Come to take you straight to hell.

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