Vree is Darkwind's bondbird, his second, replacing an earlier screech owl. The screech owl was a perfect bondbird for a mage, as Darkwind was at the time, but Vree was much better suited for the scout Darkwind became.

One of Vree's favorite games was to dive for Treyvan's crest feathers, attempting to steal one. He was eventually dissuaded from continuing when an exhausted and grumpy Treyvan caught one of Vree's tail feathers instead, only narrowly missing catching the entire bird in his beak. He frightened Vree so badly, that the bondbird gave up his game.

Vree is large, with the pointed wings of a falcon. He was beginning to bleach out, even before Darkwind returned to magecraft. "His white breast sported brown barring; the same pattern as the underside of his wings. His back and the upper face of his wings were still brown, with a faint black barring... Vree's eyes had already faded to light gray from his adolescent color of ice-blue." (Winds of Fate)

In the series Edit

Vree appears in the following works:

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