The Vows and Honor series consists of two books and an anthology: The Oathbound, Oathbreakers and Oathblood.

The Oathbound Edit


The Swordswoman--She was Tarma, born to the Clan of the Hawk of the nomadic Shin'a'in people, she saw her entire clan slain by brigands. Vowing blood reveng upon the murderers, she became one of the sword-sworn, the most elite of all warriors. And trained in all forms of death-dealing combat, she took to the road in search of her enemies...

And the Sorceress--She was Kethry. Born to a noble house, sold into a hateful "marriage," she fled life's harshness for the sanctuary of the White Winds, a powerful school of sorcery. Becoming an adept, she pledged to use her talents for the greatest good. Yet, unlike other sorcerers, Kethry could use worldly weapons as well as magical skills. And when she became the bearer of a uniquely magical sword which drew her to those in need, Kethry was led to a fateful meeting with Tarma.

The Oathbound-United by sword-spell gaes and the will of the Goddess, Tarma and Kethry swore a blood oath to carry on their mutual fight against evil. The blood oath also allowed Talesedrins clan to remain alive by having the clan live through Kethry's children. And together, swordmaster and sorceress set forth to fulfill their destiny.

Oathbreakers Edit


When Idra, leader of the crack mercenaries known as the Sunhawks, failed to return from a journey to her home kingdom of Rethwellan, Tarma and Kethry, warrior and mage, set out in search of their vanished leader. Sisters of sword and spell, their fates bound together by a Goddess-sworn oath, they were eternally pledged to fight the forces of evil.

And evil had indeed cast its shadow over Rethwellan. Idra, so they were told, had left long ago on a search for a legendary magical sword which could reveal which of her two brothers was meant to become the new king. With the princess gone, her younger brother had been branded an outlaw and her older brother had claimed the throne. Both instinct and mage lore told Kethry and Tarma that all was not as it seemed, that both Idra and her people were in terrible jeopardy. Yet would their Goddess-given powers, aided by those of a Herald of Valdemar, proves strong enough to break the dark enchantment possessing this land?

Oathblood Edit


Tarma - She was one of the Shin'a'in sword-sworn, the most elite of all warriors, and she had taken blood vengeance upon the brigands who massacred her people.

Kethry - She fled her oppressive arranged marriage and became a powerful sorceress of the White Winds School, only to be bonded to a uniquely magical sword which drew her to women in need.

Bound together by sword-spell and the will of the Goddess, Tarma and Kethry swore a blood oath to carry on their mutual fight against evil and injustic.

Now they have pledged to train others to fight for their cause, starting a new school for young, would-be warriors and fledgling White Winds mages. But training young fighters and wizards turns out to be far more complicated and perilous than they expected- and when two of their prize students are kidnapped, Tarma and Kethry must draw upon all of their combined skills to answer the call of their destiny in ways they never imagined!

Mercenary Companies Edit

This is a short list of mercenary companies and groups mentioned in the series.

  • Staferd's Cold-drakes
  • Devaril's Demons
  • Doomslayers
  • Felar's Teeth
  • Freelancers
  • Mercenary Guild Company
  • Randel's Raiders
  • Idra's Sunhawks
  • Wolflings

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