Vostel was on circuit along the edge of the Pelagirs when he had the misfortune to stumble too close to a firebird's nest. He was very badly burned over much of his body, and spent a very long time at the House of Healing recovering from his injuries. Talia treated him by planting automatic wordless emotional messages into his looping thoughts. Every time he decided he was to blame for his injuries he'd get 'So next time I won't be so stupid!' Every time he was ready to give up from the pain he'd get 'But it isn't as bad as yesterday, and it'll be better tomorrow.'

He was doing relay work assigned to Fallflower Healing Temple when, at the suggestion of Healer Rynee, Talia had him recalled to help with a badly burned Herald Destria.

Companion Edit

The name of his Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

His Gifts are not enumerated.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

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