Vkandis Sunlord (also known as V'kandis or Vkanda) is the god of Iftel and Karse, and is associated with the Sun, taking therefore a Sun in Glory as one of his symbols.

Vkandis was once known to have a female companion, who is suspected to be the Star-Eyed goddess of the Tayledras and Shin'a'in. This was implied in "Sun in Glory," and again in Storm Warning (Chapter Nine) when Vkandis' companion is revealed to be the goddess Kalanel.


Vkandis' highest representative in Karse is the Son of the Sun, who leads the sunpriests and establishes the law. Unfortunately, as the sunpriests became more powerful, they also became corrupt, until they began electing each new Son of the Sun without the will of Vkandis.

The corrupt clergy terrorized Karse for centuries, burning children with magical abilities, torturing and executing those accused of heresy or witchcraft, summoning demons against the populace, burning battlefield survivors, and so on.

Faithful people called out to Vkandis in prayer, asking why he allowed such torment to continue. Sometimes in death they learned his answer:

"I cannot interfere with the free will of my people, not until the fate of the very world is at stake."[1]


The firecats are linked to Vkandis, and his favor is clear when a firecat appears.

In the era before the priesthood was completely compromised by politics, the firecat Khar got Reulan, a faithful country priest, to go to Sunhame. Reulan was shocked to be crowned the Son of the Sun.[2] The modern Son of the Son, Solaris, is accompanied and advised by the firecat Hansa.


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