Vikteren was a Journeyman mage attached to Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. When Zhaneel was setting up her obstacle course, he offered to work with her, adding magical traps in exchange for spell components from still-living, fast-moving animals. With her speed and agility, Zhaneel had no difficulty hunting down and catching rabbits, starlings and other such animals for him.

Red-headed Vikteren was one of the coolest heads among the mages. He took great pride in his control, but even he couldn't contain his rage when General Shaiknam threw away the life of his friend, the mage Ividian, who died covering the retreat of the Sixth after they were ordered into a known ambush. That was immediately followed by the 'accidental' deaths of three more mages under Shaiknam's command in an incident that could only be described as 'murder-by-neglect'.

Vikteren had actually reached Master rank long before he was acknowledged as such by the other mages. His own mage master insured this would be the case in order to keep Vikteren out of Shaiknam's command, as only Masters and Adepts were sent to the front lines. Journeymen and Apprentices remained in camp helping in other ways.

In the series Edit

Vikteren appears in the following works:

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