Though technically a Herald-Mage, Vess' Mage-Gift is too weak to be very useful. However, his powerful Gift of Mindspeech more than makes up for it. Throw in a touch of Empathy along with his noble upbringing, and Vess eventually found himself filling in as the de facto King's Own Herald when Herald Nadja entered the final stages of a terminal illness.

The son of Lady Baireschild, Vess grew up along the western border of Valdemar. He was fostered in the village of Solmark, which made him a perfect candidate to investigate tales of a young girl with miraculous healing powers. That girl turned out to be Juni. Vess was present when she was Chosen by the Grove stallion following Nadja's death. He was relieved not to be stuck with the position of King's Own Herald, and was quite content to train his successor.

Companion Edit

Vess was Chosen by the stallion Kestric.

Gifts Edit

Vess' strongest Gift is Mindspeech, and it is strong enough to be used as a weapon. He also has a touch of Empathy, and enough Mage-Gift to see magical currents and be sensitive to them. However, he can manage very little in the way of magical spells.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are not given.

In the series Edit

Vess appears in the following work:

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