In ancient times, long before the Mage Wars, Vena was apprenticed to the mage-smith Sister Lashan of the Sisterhood of Spell and Sword. Vena was an apprentice mage, but Lashan believed she could be taught both disciplines, like Lashan herself who had begun as a fighter before taking up magic. She was even considering giving the girl one of her special year-blades, a sword with four different spells forged into it, in addition to other magical properties such as an inability to rust.

Then the Sisterhood enclave was attacked by the mage-lord Heshain. Only the young girls with Mage-Gift were spared--everyone else was killed. The only survivors were the aging Sister Lashan, who was away at the annual Autumn Harvest Fair, and Vena, who was in the forest nearby.

Knowing they were not up to rescuing the other apprentices as they were then, Sister Lashan worked a spell that transferred her soul into the year-blade, killing her body. She became the magical sword, Need. Guiding and assisting Vena, Need and her former apprentice tracked the stolen girls, infiltrating Heshain's keep to rescue them.

In the series Edit

Vena appears in the following works:

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