Vedric Mavelan was the power-hungry brother of Ylyna and the king of Baires. He was a handsome blond man, a doppelganger for Herald-Mage Tylendel Frelennye, except for the terrible cruelty that showed in every expression.

He was a powerful mage, the one who set the trap-spell in the Linean royal palace and activated it with his nephew, Herald Tashir Remoerdis (who was widely believed to be Vedric's bastard son), as the target. The spell called a swarm of vicious creatures that shredded everyone in the palace. They were contained within the palace by a shield Vedric erected around the building. Once the spell had done its work and the creatures were gone, he dismissed the shield, leaving the mysterious and gory scene to be found.

Vedric's plan should have destroyed the entire Remoerdis line, leaving only the Mavelans to inherit the throne of Lineas. Vedric was probably promised rule under fealty to his brother in Baires as his commission for taking Lineas for the Mavelan family. Unfortunately for Vedric and the Mavelans, he did not anticipate Tashir using his strong Fetching Gift to survive, Tashir then being immediately Chosen by a Companion, or Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron being close enough to be pulled from a sound sleep and across the border where he immediately took charge of the situation.

Eventually, Vanyel unraveled the plot. In order to stop Vanyel and secure the Linean throne, the entire Mavelan family united in a meld behind Vedric. Vanyel fought him to a standstill. In order to break the deadlock, Vanyel drew a dangerous amount of raw energy from the node beneath Highjorune. Acting as a conduit he poured it into Vedric, and from their into the rest of the Mavelan family. Unable to handle the incredible surge of raw power, they were all burned to ash. The resulting earthquake destroyed the palace, burying the Heartstone it contained.

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