Urtho is considered to have been one of the most powerful Adepts in the history of Velgarth. He is frequently referred to as "The Mage of Silence" because he magically imbued silence to more than hearing into his creations. They could not be detected by magical sight, mind-scanning, detection spells or magical scrying.

Urtho's passion was to create; he was both artist and inventor ever pursuing the creation of beauty. Among his creations are believed to be some of the sentient magical races of Velgarth, including the gryphons.

Urtho lived in a tower, his second, in a kingdom called Tantara, where Urtho was eventually named Archmage. In addition to creating living creatures, he was also an expert with Gates. He setup a network of permanent Gates running from his tower to various locations in and around the kingdom. During the Mage Wars, he used these Gates to move troops where they were needed, allowing the soldiers to return their base around his tower each night, rather than deal with long supply lines.

Urtho is described as "an eternal image of genius. Tall and thin, storklike, with a waist-length fall of curly silver-gray hair, huge gray eyes, a nose as prominent as Lady Cinnabar's and a lantern jaw kept scrupulously clean-shaven." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter Three)

The Mage WarsEdit

The Mage Wars occurred about one thousand years before the founding of Valdemar, and detail the final days of Urtho, the Mage of Silence in his final battle with the evil Adept mage Ma'ar. After the death of Tantara's king, without heirs, Archmage Urtho was the highest ranking member of the Court remaining. He took command of the armies, and did his best to prevent Ma'ar's invasion.

In the end, Urtho was betrayed by a few of his own commanders, resulting in his being poisoned with Miranda thorns during an assassination attempt by the traitorous Conn Levas. Though the effects were slowed by Healers, his death was inevitable. Urtho evacuated his remaining people from around his Tower, knowing that his death would trigger its destruction. He also sent Skandranon with a destructive device to Ma'ar, who had taken over the Royal Palace of Tantara. The combined explosion of both buildings was later known as the Cataclysm.

In the SeriesEdit

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