Ulrich was a Karsite sunpriest of Vkandis. An Adept-class mage, he was a member of the black-robes, though he never cared for the summoning of demons or the way the corrupt priesthood used them. When Solaris was crowned Son of the Sun, she outlawed demon-summoning. Ulrich was quite happy to exchange his black robes for the more common red.

He was a good friend of Solaris, one of the few she really trusted. When she made peace with Valdemar, Ulrich was named as her envoy to Selenay's court. He journeyed to Haven with his assistant and protege, Karal.

Ulrich was the black-robe who originally selected Karal at the Feast of the Children in his village when he was only nine years old, choosing him for his high intelligence and his ability to act as a Channel for magical energy. He kept an eye on the boy from a distance, eventually choosing him for his assistant when Karal had proved himself as a scholar. Solaris had set Ulrich and a few other trusted associates with the task of searching through the oldest Temple archives for early copies of the Writ and religious ceremonies that predated the corruption of the False Sons. Ulrich desperately needed someone of Karal's high abilities to aid him in this task. The two grew very close while they worked together, with Ulrich becoming a surrogate father for Karal.

Ulrich is described as having the typical Karsite appearance, with the sharp features and the dark hair and eyes. Otherwise he is described as being:

"...utterly ordinary in looks and demeanor--of middling height, neither very young nor very old, neither handsome nor hideous, neither muscular nor a weakling. His gray hair and beard and perpetually mild expression belied the sharpness of his eyes, and his expression could change in a moment from bemused to kindly to implacable." (Storm Warning, Chapter Three)
Ulrich served as the representative of Karse to the Alliance until his death as a result of an assassination plot from the Eastern Empire. The court artist, Celandine, was actually an Imperial spy, whom Tremane inherited from a predecessor. Celandine had implanted mage-wrought flying blades in the plaster decorations of the fireplaces in the envoys' suites. Each device was keyed to its particular target. Tremane ordered the mass assassination attempt in order to disrupt the Alliance, which he erroneously believed to be responsible for the Mage Storms. While several envoys were injured in the attack, Ulrich and Querna shena Tale'sedrin of the Shin'a'in were the only fatalities.

In the series Edit

Ulrich appears in the following work:

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