Tylendel Frelennye was Herald-Mage Savil's protege and the son of her heart, as well as Vanyel's lifebonded lover. He was the twin brother of Staven Frelennye, with whom he shared a mind link. His Companion was Gala.


Tylendel's gifts appeared wildly and dangerously when he was nine, beginning with Thoughtsensing, Fetching, Empathy, and Mage-Gift. Only his twin brother Staven had the nerve to stay with him until they were under control, as the brothers had been Mind-Linked since birth.

Repudiation and DeathEdit

Unfortunately, Staven was murdered in an ambush by an enemy clan, and this brought Tylendel to madness, due to this connection.

Tylendel vowed to eliminate the Lesharas, the clan who had murdered his brother, and he was helped by Vanyel. In the course of carrying out his revenge, he was Repudiated by his Companion Gala, who died protecting the clan. Tylendel was unable to bear the pain of losing Gala, as well as Staven, and he committed suicide.

The Companions accorded Tylendel with his full Heraldic status, and rang the Death Bell in his honor.

Tylendel was reincarnated as Bard Stefen.

In the series Edit

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