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Lyrics Edit

Part A:
Deep in this dungeon underground, a chained Windrider we had found,
There forever to be bound, then the magic we turned ‘round.
Giving all to set him free, we knew the risk that it would be,
Condemned to this deep cavity, to ever wander aimlessly

The curse is gone, unlike before,
Our powers lost forevermore,
Without restraint we gave of our might,
Are we now damned to wander through the night?

Together, now, in deep despair,
What hope have we, what desperate prayer,
With the warm light will we be blessed?
Or be forever doomed to the darkness?

Part B:
It matters not what powers you may or may not possess,
In truth it is your hearts and minds and hands that prove the test.
Your sacrifice has saved him, thus are you also freed,
These gallant Companions have returned to fulfill your need.

We are Grove-born Companions, we are bathed in pure light.
We are Grove-born Companions, we have come in answer to your plight.
In equine form we appear, from gods did we depart,
Beings of natural magic, we have seen that you are pure of heart.

Thus have we come, to Choose two new Heralds, though you be not of Valdemar,
Thus have you shown strength and mercy and revealed who you truly are.
Though you be of the common, not royalty, your act was too great to be compromised,
Your strength was in your hearts not your magic, Valdemar again will rise.

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