This is sung as a trio by Selenay, Elspeth and Dirk, after they receive Talia's message that Kris is dead and she herself is beyond rescue.

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Lyrics Edit


Will someone please awake me from the nightmare this must be.

The arrows broke and headless mutely cry of death to me. 

But my people stand in peril, and I have no time to cry 

No time to pray or ponder---I sent you off to die. 


Gods I cannot comprehend it, for this sight is like a blow--- 

Cold agony has stopped my breath, I stand mute in my woe--- 

They all knew we had quarreled, and now no one asks me why, 

They surely guess what I know now, I drove you off to die. 


I cannot think for heartbreak and I cannot speak for pain 

All my self-accusations sear my soul like fiery chain. 

My guilt is branded plainly, far to deeply to deny 

I burned you both in anger, and I sent you off to die. 


It was my will that sent you riding off to meet your fate-- 


It was my anger drove you, and I see my wrong too late-- 


It was my jealousy that scourged you off, still wondering why 


And all that I can think now is I sent you off to die.

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