Treyvan is a gryphon. He is the mate of Hydona and the father of twins Jervan and Lytha. A master mage with a sly sense of humor, Treyvan is also a powerful fighter.

Treyvan and his mate were sent by their clan k'Leshya to scout for a new home in the Pelagirs. They settled near the k'Sheyna Vale and helped to train Darkwind and Elspeth in their mage abilities.

They were instrumental in the defeat of Mornelithe Falconsbane and eventually served as k'Leshya's envoys in Valdemar.

Family Edit

Mate: Hydona

Children: Jervan, Lytha (twins)

Clan: k'Leshya

In the series Edit


Treyvan and Hydona in flight


Treyvan, Hydona, Jerven and Lytha

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