Lady Treesa Ileana Brendywhin-Ashkevron (also spelled Brendewhen) was the wife of Lord Withen Ashkevron of Forst Reach, and the mother of Herald-Mage Vanyel, the eldest of her numerous children.

Treesa had been a lovely girl, who did not age well, at least not at first. She continued to dress in the pastel diaphanous gowns of her youth, using facial cosmetics and hair dye to hide her advancing age. Eventually, with the help of her daughter-in-law Roshya and the matrons of the royal court who undertook to mentor her, Treesa eventually came to terms with her advancing years, and settled into them gracefully.

Treesa always enjoyed being the center of attention. As a young woman she was given to vapors and hysterics, making the lives of those around her difficult. When Vanyel first showed signs of musical talent, she encouraged him, adding him to her 'court' as her personal minstrel. As the bower pet, he was spoiled shamelessly.

Though often viewed as being very self-centered, Treesa genuinely loved her family and worried for their health and safety, often surprising them with her concern.

In the series Edit

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