Tre'valen shena Tale'sedrin was a Shin'a'in shaman of Clan Tale'sedrin. He apprenticed under Kerowyn's cousin Kra'heera, who ordered him to remain with the Tayledras Clan k'Sheyna after the Star-Eyed transformed their trapped scout, Dawnfire, into an avatar. Kra'heera believed the Clans needed to know everything they could about this situation, as their goddess had never created an avatar before. Tre'valen was to study the situation and learn all he could.

Unfortunately for Tre'valen, most of what he learned was that Dawnfire was his true soulmate. Though they could occasionally meet on the Moonpaths in the spirit world, they could never truly be together. This tragic situation was resolved when Mornelithe Falconsbane attacked Starblade and his mate, the Shin'a'in healer Kethra, in their Vale ekele. Though Firesong, Darkwind and the other mages tried, they could not hold off Falconsbane's final blow. Tre'valen, who was soaring in his spirit form in the shape of a hawk, joined Dawnfire in shielding the intended victims from the final spell. The ekele was destroyed, but Kethra, Starblade and his bondbird Hyllarr all survived. Tre'valen's dead body was discovered lying near a waterfall where he had gone into trance. Firesong took his death hard, blaming himself for his failure to protect them all.


Tre'valen and Dawnfire

What no one realized until later was that only Tre'valen's body had died. His spirit lived on as a second avatar of the Star-Eyed. He and Dawnfire together helped save An'desha from Falconsbane, and worked to ensure the evil mage's final destruction.

In the series Edit

Tre'valen appears in the following works:

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