Tildy was a servant of House Pheregrul in Mornedealth. She was Kethry's childhood nurse, who, out of devotion to Kethry, stayed on after the money ran out and the other servants were dismissed. She helped young Kethry in her struggle to keep the family clothed and fed.

When Kethry's brother, Kavin, sold her into "marriage" with a pedophile, Tildy came to her rescue. She snuck into the house, found Kethry and smuggled her out. Being an imminently practical woman, she took any and all gold and jewelry she found with Kethry. She then took the girl to her brother's farm east of the city, and started her on the long road to recovery. When Kethry's awakening mage gift combined with her nightmares to send objects flying around the room, Tildy took her to the nearest mage school to be trained.

In the series Edit

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