Master Thomas was one of the greatest battle mages in Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. In the last days of the war, Thomas, tired of the fighting, asked Urtho to allow him to retire. With the evacuations from around Urtho's Tower begun, Urtho desperately needed skilled leaders to accompany the groups of civilians heading out to distant, unknown lands. He assigned Thomas to one of these groups.

Thomas' apprentice, Errold, chose to accompany him and was an invaluable resource on the trip. While Thomas was a master of the greater magics, Errold's talents were confined to small spells, something that proved most useful after the Mage Storms disrupted magic throughout Velgarth, making the greater magics all but impossible.

Thomas and Errold got the people safely through the wilderness, finally establishing the village of Errold's Grove. In recognition of his hard work and leadership, the people named the village stream for Master Thomas.

In the series Edit

Master Thomas appears in the following work:

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