The Valdemar Companion contains everything you ever wanted to know about the magical kingdom of Valdemar. It includes interviews with Lackey and her editor, an all new novella, maps, a listing of all names and places, and more. (Description from Lackey's website)

Edited by John Helfers and Denise Little, the book is primarily nonfiction, with one novella by Lackey included. Because of the novella, it is sometimes included in lists of Valdemar anthologies.

Contents include:

  • "Girl Meets Horse (Sort of)" by Mercedes Lackey
  • "A Herald's Journey" by Mercedes Lackey
  • "An Interview with Mercedes Lackey" by Denise Little
  • "A Travelers' Guide to Valdemar and the Surrounding Kingdoms" by Kerrie Hughes
  • "The Music of Valdemar"
  • "Balladeers, Buskers, and Bards" by Michael Longcor
  • "Born in Song" by Teri Lee
  • "A Discography of the Songs of Valdemar" by John Helfers
  • "A Conversation with Betsy Wollheim" by Denise Little
  • "The Valdemar Novels" by Kristin Schwengel and Denise Little
  • "Virtual Valdemar" by Russell Davis
  • "Maps of Valdemar" by Larry Dixon with Daniel Green
  • "The Valdemar Concordance" by Teri Lee, Juanita Coulson, and Kerrie Hughes

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