Tarma and Kethry always referred to it as "That song."

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Lyrics Edit

Swordlady, valiant, no matter the foe,

Into the battle you fearlessly go– 

Boldly you ride out beyond map and chart– 

Why are you frightened to open your heart? 

Swordlady, lady of consumed skill, 

Lady of powers, of strength and of will, 

Swordlady, lady of cold ice and steel, 

Why will you never admit that you feel? 

Swordlady, mistress of all arts of war, 

Wise in the ways of all strategic law, 

You fear no creature below or above, 

Why do you shrink from the soft touch of love? 

Swordlady, brave to endure wounds and pain, 

Plunging through lightning, through thunder and rain, 

Flinching from nothing, so high is your pride, 

Why then pretending you hold nothing inside? 

Swordlady, somewhere within you is hid 

A creature of feeling that no vow can rid, 

A woman – a girl, with a heart soft and warm, 

No matter the brutal deeds you perform 

Swordlady, somewhere inside you deep, 

Cowers the maiden that you think asleep, 

Frozen within you, in ice shrouded womb 

That you can only pretend is a tomb 

Swordlady, all of the vows you have made 

Can never make your heart die as you’ve bade 

Swordlady, after the winter comes spring 

One day your heart will awaken and sing 

Swordlady, one day there must come a man 

Who will lift from you this self-imposed ban, 

Thawing the ice that’s enshrouded your soul, 

On that day swordlady, you shall be whole

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