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Idra was a princess – your elder sister, she

With gold and jewels aplenty, she had sugar cakes for tea 

She left them for a soldier’s life, preferring to live free 

She learned how best to win a war and formed a company 

She called us all her Sunhawks and taught us how to fly 

At soldiering, we were the best that silver and gold could buy 

We drink to Captain Idra, the leader of our band 

We’re proud to be her Sunhawks, every woman and every man 

We fought for Captain Idra; ‘twas for her each castle fell 

We followed her to battle and we followed her to hell 

Until the day she had to choose between you for the throne 

She sent us back to Hawk’s nest and flew onward all alone 

We waited through the winter but heard from her no more 

We sent two of our best to find the captain we adored 

They found your brother banished, they found you on the throne 

And what you did to Idra they found out on their own 

So sit upon your golden throne, contented in your dreams 

You’ll awake into the nightmare when you hear the Sunhawks scream 

Run while you will Oath-breaker; you’ll wish you never were born 

By priestess, mage, and common man, you’re thrice declared foresworn 

[music interlude] 

Dressed as merchant, priest, or beggar, we’re coming after you 

And the one who guards your life is yet another Sunhawk, too 

We seek revenge for Captain Idra, the Sunhawks seek their prey 

And justice is our by-word and our swords spell judgment day 

Yes, justice is our by-word and our swords spell judgment day!