The Silver Gryphon is the third novel in the Mage Wars trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. It mostly consists of one of Skandranon's son, Tadrith, and Amberdrake's daughter, Silverblade, struggling to survive in a forest whose inhabitants are magic-drinking wyrsa.

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Twelve peaceful years have passed since the action of The White Gryphon, while Skandranon the Black Gryphon and Amberdrake the kestra'chern settle down into comfortable middle age. An elite warrior force, the Silver Gryphons, has been formed to protect the city--a force that Skandranon's son Tad and Amberdrake's daughter Blade, showing rebellious streaks, have joined.

Following two long, hard years of training, Tad and Blade are given the difficult assignment of occupying a remote guard post reachable only across miles of unknown territory. On the way, a strange force drains Tad's magic powers. So, alone, injured, and desperate, Tad and Blade find themselves beset by wyrsa, dreadful mage-created hybrid creatures who have the power to absorb magic.

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French cover of The Silver Gryphon

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