The song is about Weaponsmaster Alberich.

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As sung by Kris and Dirk.

The Weaponsmaster has no heart; his hide is iron cold
His soul within that hide is steel or so I've been told--
His only care is for your skill, his only love, his own
And where another has a heart, he has a marble stone

That's what the common wisdom holds, but common is not true
For there is often truth behind what's in the common view
And so it is the Herald's task, that hidden truth to win
To see behind the face without and find the face within

He goads his students into rage, he drives them into pain
He mocks them and does not care that tears may fall like rain
He works them when they're weary, and rebukes them when they fail
Cuts them to ribbons with his tongue as they stand meek and pale

But will our enemies be fair nor come on us behind?
And will they stay their tongues or in their words a weapon find?
Or wait till we are rested before making their attacks?
Or will they rather beat us down and then go for our backs?

But he has no compassion, does not care for man nor beast
And when a student's gone he does not notice in the least
And no one calls this man their love, and no one calls him friend
And none can judge him by his face or what he may intend

But I have seen him speak the word that brings hope from despair
Or drop the one word compliment that makes a student care
And I have seen his sorrow when he hears the Death Bell cry
His soul-deep agony of doubt that nothing can deny

Both Kris and Dirk:
For on his shoulders rests the job of fitting us for war
With nothing to give him a clue of what to train us for
And if he fails it is not he that pays, but you and I,
And so he dies a little when he hears the Death Bell cry

And now you know the face within him hid by the face without
The pain that he must harbor, all the guilt and all the doubt
The Weaponsmaster has a heart so grant his stony mask
For you and I aren't strong enough to bear that kind of task

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