For other uses of 'The Black Gryphon,' see the disambiguation page.

by Mike Richards and Erica Neely

Tune: Bright Copper (Mike Whitaker, GK, Zander Nyrond)

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Lyrics Edit

Gryphons fly when we've girded their loins,
Then take to the skies, the battle to join,
O'er trails untold, o'er vales and holds,
They fly to burn their prey. 

But mage's fire makes a path through the night,
And makaar's sire tries to crush all that's right,
Ma'ar's raids unfold, he slays the bold,
Who die but spurn his way. 

Black Gryphon, fly through the air,
You have a dream of the peace we once knew,
Black Gryphon why do you dare,
Fight the worst that black magic can do?
With Mage Urtho's supporters so few. 

Life's intents are all changed by this war,
To work till spent and a little bit more,
To fields they came to heal or maim,
Once theirs and all their kin's. 

With caring deeds bring a moment of peace,
Meeting needs till the fighting has ceased,
We'd do the same to shield from pain,
Who dare it all to win. 

Black Gryphon with wonder all hark,
Hope of our dreams and an end to our fear,
Black Gryphon, shunning the dark,
At last my true hero is here,
And all that is evil knows fear. 

Black Gryphon, hero renowned,
Not even you can deliver us all,
Gryfalcon Zhaneel shall go down,
To answer your desperate call,
And all of your foes shall fall, shall fall,
All of your foes shall fall... 

Falling down on Stevi Pass,
Me boys falling down on Stevi Pass,
It wasn't wise to patrol the skies,
In the air o'er Stevi Pass...

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