Set before he meets Kethry, Jadrek sings of his loneliness.

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Lyrics Edit

I sit amid the dusty books

The dust invades my very soul 

It coats my heart with weariness and chokes it with despair 

My life lies beached and withered on a lonely, bleak, uncharted shoal 

There are no kindred spirits here to understand, or care 

When I was young, how often I would feed my hungry mind with tales 

And sought the fellowship in books I did not find in kin 

For one does not seek friends when every overture to others fails 

So all the company I carved I build from dreams within 

Those dreams – from all my books of lore I plucked the wonders one by one 

And waited for the day that I was certain was to come 

When some new hero would appear whose quest had only now begun 

With desperate need of lore and wisdom I alone could plumb 

And then, ah then, I'd ride away to join with legend and with song 

The trusted friend of heroes, figured in their words and deeds 

Until that day, among the books I'd dwell – but I have dwelt too long 

And like the books I sit alone, a relic no one needs 

I grow to old, I grow too old, my aching bones have made me lame 

And if my futile dream came true, I could not live it now 

The time is past, long past, when I could ride the wings of fleeting fame 

The dream is dead beneath the dust, as 'neath the dust I bow 

So, un-regarded and alone I tend these fragments of the past 

Poor fool who bartered life and soul on dreams and useless lore 

And as I watched despair and bitterness enclose my heart at last 

Within my soul's dark night I cry out, 

"Is there nothing more?"

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