Herald Teren is the grandson of Queen's Own Herald Talamir, and twin brother of Herald Keren. His Companion is Wythra.

Oddly, he was Chosen seven years later than his twin sister Keren, rather than at the same time.  By then he was married with two children. He and his wife amicably divorced after he was Chosen.

Also, strangely, Teren is perfectly comfortable mindspeaking Keren's Companion, Dantris. This may be due to their connection as twins.

Teren is completely devoted to the Heraldic Circle and was the successor to Elcarth as Dean of the Collegium.

Companion Edit

Teren's Companion is Wythra.

Gifts Edit

Mindspeech is one of Teren's Gifts.

Internship Edit

Details of Teren's internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

Teren appears in the following books:

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