The Sacred Grove in Companion's Field once contained a temple. It was a tiny building made entirely of white marble. Stairs at the front lead up to a roofed porch, held up by columns. The solid bronze door gave access to a single room holding two benches and an altar. "Behind the altar were stands thick with candles; behind the candles, the wall had been carved into a delicate bas-relief; swirling clouds, the moon, stars and the sun--and in the clouds, suggestions of male and female faces, whose expressions changed with the flickering of the candles." (Magic's Pawn)

The temple was used for weddings and funerals. Herald-Mage Tylendel lay in state in the temple before burial. It also appears to have been the site of Prince Sedric and Princess Lydia's wedding. The doorway of the temple was a popular place for Herald-Mages to anchor Gate terminii.

The temple was long gone by the time Queen Selenay came to the throne, though the bell tower, holding the Death Bell, still stands.

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