Tashir Remoerdis was the eldest son of King Deveran Remoerdis of Lineas and his wife, Ylyna Mavelan Remoerdis. He was blond with a baritone voice, and described as looking almost identical to his uncle Vedric and to Herald-Mage Tylendel. Initially, this caused problems for both Savil and Vanyel when dealing with him.


Tashir was Chosen by Leshya, who was also a Mindhealer. It was sometime before anyone learned the Companion's name, as he was too traumatized by the beating Lores administered to use Mindspeech. Yfandes took to calling him "Ghost."


Tashir had a strong Fetching Gift. He survived the attack on the Linean royal family by using his Gift to "push" the creatures away from him. When his Gift manifested at the age of thirteen, it upset the anti-magic Lineans who confused it for mage abilities.


Because he had to remain in annexed Lineas as the new Lord-Baron of the March of Lineas-Baires, Tashir was assigned to Herald Lores, Valdemar's envoy to the former kingdom. Not only did this take care of any political issues, but since Lores' Gift was also Fetching, Tashir could get Gift training easily.

In the seriesEdit

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