Tashiketh, full title Tashiketh pral Skyshaen, was a gryphon from Iftel. A fierce warrior, mage, and gifted diplomat, he served as a representative and ambassador from Iftel to the nation of Hardorn during and after the Mage Storms.

Physical Description Edit

Like all gryphons from Iftel, Tashiketh was an eagle-type gryphon, with a large and heavy build. He was a uniform dark brown with some patterning in a lighter brown color, and yellow eyes.

Storm Breaking Edit

Tashiketh arrived with with a wing of twenty other gryphons, all of whom were representatives of the twenty hrradurr of Iftel, in Hardorn a short time after the envoy containing Elspeth, Gwena, and Darkwind arrived from Valdemar and Tremane performed the earthbinding ceremony that made him the ruler of Hardorn. Shortly after his arrival, Tashiketh showed that he was an excellent diplomat, and proceeded to start procuring a building and staff for a permanent embassy. He also put himself and his wing at the disposal of Tremane, offering to be of assistance in any way needed.

After acquiring an old inn and converting it into their embassy, they began to take an active interest in the goings-on of Hardorn-observing but never interfering, and willing to offer advice if asked in a way similar to that of Treyvan and Hydona after they first arrived at k'Leshya Vale.

Tashiketh and his wing participated in a brief skirmish where they successfully put down a fight between two opposing forces over some contested land. He also set up an obstacle course for the members of his wing to train upon, which became a popular sport for entertainment and betting for many of the Hardornian soldiers. He also informed Tremane, Elspeth, and Darkwind about the history and customs of his homeland, as well as the reasons for their arrival--mainly being their god Vykaendys (Vkandis) ordained that they send representatives to help with staving off the Final Storm and eventually reunite with the other land he protected, Karse. His wing also participated in putting down a few more skirmishes, which helped end the fighting around Hardorn.

He later met with the Son of the Sun, Solaris, when she visited Hardorn on the orders of Vkandis, and worked with the group to find a way to protect nodes and prevent them from going rouge from the effects of the Mage Storms. Tashiketh then ordered his gryphons to help spread the news, and had two of them fly Solaris back to Karse. He would also take part in the group of Mage-gifted individuals who would hold a shield over Shonar during the Final Storm in order to protect it.

In the series Edit

Tashiketh appears in the following works:

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