Tafri Tallyman grew up in the village of Delcare, the son of a carter and an inn maid. His mother, Shanda Tallyman, had a good job at the village inn, one that provided some extra food and clothing on occasion, in addition to the wages. Still Tafri was the poorest boy in town. Despite this, his parents agreed to forego the extra pennies he could have earned, and continued to send him to the local temple for education beyond the minimum required by law.

Tafri was a good student, and enjoyed his studies with Father Dofren, the local priest of Kernos. This served him well once he arrived at the Collegium, as he did not require extra tutoring to catch up with the other trainees.

It was just after lunch one winter's day, that the Companion Adelayan, out on Search, arrived at the village. He Chose Tafri. Unlike some newly Chosen, Tafri was not allowed to ride off right away. His neighbors all contributed new or gently worn winter clothing to keep him warm on the long ride to Haven. He was also supplied with all manner of other things he might find useful for the trip. After bidding his parents goodbye, he was off for the Collegium.

Adan was his Collegium mentor, helping him and his yearmates, Hadrin and Holly, get settled in. Four years later, it was Taftri turn to serve as mentor, this time for the newly arrived Rojek.

Tafri excelled at history, negotiation, tactics and strategy, though he was always behind in his math classes. His favorite class was "Magic or Fakery?" which was team taught at the Mage's Collegium. This proved useful to him later, when catching a con man and sorting out the mess he had made proved to be Tafri's 'graduation' moment during his internship.


Tafri was Chosen by the stallion Adelayan.


Tafri has just enough of the Gift of Mindspeech to speak easily with his Companion, but not much more.


Tafri was sent out in to the bucolic farming areas southwest of Haven, with Herald Jonaton as his counselor. They did well together. About six months into his internship, Tafri had his 'graduation' moment when he caught a con man pretending to settle disputes with the help of 'the Spirits' in the town of Michelham. Using Truth Spell, Tafri untangled it all. The con man and the town mayor, who had been in on it, were thrown into the town gaol, while Tafri began the work of sorting out the con man's mess.

In the seriesEdit

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