Tadrith Skandrakae, called Tad, is a gryphon, the younger of Skandranon and Zhaneel's twin sons. Keenath is the elder.

Tad's best friend is Silverblade, Amberdrake and Winterhart's daughter. The two joined the Silver Gryphons together. They were paired together through training, and then in their first field assignment to Outpost Five. On their way across the wilderness a pack of Changed wyrsa drained the magic from the carry-net Blade was riding in. With all the actual weight of the net and its contents suddenly pulling on him, it was all Tad could do to control their plummet into the forest below. They crashed into the trees. Both Tad and Blade were injured, with Tad unable to fly.

Realizing the wyrsa pack was hunting them, the pair trekked through the wilderness to a more defensible position in a cave along some river bluffs. Despite the increased size and intelligence of the Changed wyrsa, they killed several along the way. With help from Skandranon and Amberdrake, the only survivors of their rescue party, they defeated and killed the pack leader and the rest of the wyrsa. The misadventure gave Tad the name he bore in later histories, Tadrith Wyrsabane. (Storm Breaking, Chapter One)

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