Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar is the short story collection of tales set in Valdemar.

Edited by Mercedes Lackey, this friends of Valdemar collection, includes stories by Mark Shepherd and Josepha Sherman.

Stories include:

  • "Sunlancer" by Philip M. Austin and Mercedes Lackey
  • "The Demon's Den" by Tanya Huff
  • "Ironrose" by Larry Dixon and Mel White
  • "Babysitter" by Josepha Sherman
  • "The Salamander" by Richard Lee Byers
  • "A Child's Adventures" by Janni Lee Simner
  • "Blood Ties" by Stephanie D. Shaver
  • "...Another Successful Experiment" by Lawrence Schimel
  • "Choice" by Michelle West
  • "Song of Valdemar" by Kristin Schwengel
  • "The School Up the Hill" by Elisabeth Waters
  • "Chance" by Mark Shepherd
  • "Sword of Ice" by Mercedes Lackey and John Yezegulalian
  • "In the Forest of Sorows" by John Helfers
  • "Vkandis' Own" by Ben Ohlander
  • "A Herald's Honor" by Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • "A Song for No One's Mourning" by Gary Braunbeck
  • "Blue Heart" by Philip M Austin and Mercedes Lackey

Synopses Edit

"Babysitter" - A former gem merchant who lost everything and who has given up on life takes on more than he bargained for when he stumbles on a baby gryphon, and the thieves who killed his family return.

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