Jadrek sings about his love for Kethry.

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Lyrics Edit

Surprised by joy, expecting pain

Surprised by love, expecting none 

Expecting loss, amazed by gain 

I thought I’d lose, I’ve found I’ve won 

Now reaching out to find you there 

A dream I never thought to hold 

The wishing that I did not dare 

Now finds my clay turned into gold 

My lady love, my partner, friend 

Companion in my darkest hour 

If this be dream, let it not end 

And if I wake, thanks to the power 

That brought me here and kept me here 

And gave me what I dared not ask 

To lose you is my darkest fear 

To give you joy, most gladsome task 

You brought me sun to chase my night 

No more does dark oppress my soul 

The darkness fled before your light 

You took a cripple, made him whole 

You showed me that I dared to care 

You proved to me that I had worth 

You taught me that the world was fair 

And led me to the gift of mirth 

[music interlude] 

It is as if, now, I confess, 

That I was blind and now can see 

Oh, lady, how can I express 

That you are all in all to me? 

The words escape for which I grope 

As tongue-tied as a moon-sick boy 

The hopeless fool that you gave hope 

Has found himself surprised by joy