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Synopsis Edit

This story occurs approximately between the events of Winds of Fury and Storm Warning. It includes cameos from some major characters in Selenay's reign.

In it, Solaris proposes an alliance with Valdemar (nation) to fight Hardorn.

Characters Edit

  • Alberich - Herald Weaponsmaster, former native of Karse
  • Gerichen - a priest of the Temple of Vkandis in Haven
  • Selenay - Queen of Valdemar
  • Myste - Herald Chronicler
  • Karchanek - a powerful mage-priest trusted by Solaris
  • Solaris - Son of the Sun
  • Kerowyn - herald, mercenary captain
  • Eldan - a herald, a spy, and Kerowyn's husband
  • Kantor - Alberich's companion
  • Talia - Queen's Own Herald
  • Dirk - a herald, Talia's husband
  • Jeri - a herald weaponsmistress
  • Rolan - Talia's companion
  • Ahrodie - Dirk's companion
  • Hansa - a firecat that advises Solaris
  • Ulrich - a sunpriest and mentor of Solaris
  • Larschen - a sunpriest and friend of Solaris
  • Grevenor - a sunpriest and friend of Solaris

Places Edit

Terminology Edit

  • Fires of Purification
  • Sun Throne
  • Voices of Vkandis
  • Vrondi
  • White-robes

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