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From the Firebird Arts website: "At last the complete Sun and Shadow Song Cycle. The long awaited story of Sunsinger and Shadowdancer, set to music, with the complete story for the very first time. The album is a collaboration between Mercedes Lackey and the musical heart of Golden Bough- Paul Espinoza and Margie Butler.

"Golden Bough has been involved with Misty’s music from the very beginning, and there could be no better choice to bring this magical tale to life.

"The album has a short introduction by Mercedes Lackey."

Song listEdit

  1. Valdemar
  2. I Found a Land
  3. Two Young Fools - Part 1
  4. How Could I Have Known?
  5. Two Young Fools - Part 2
  6. A Lovely Young Man
  7. Two Young Fools - Part 3
  8. Sun and Shadow
  9. Meetings
  10. Windrider Unchained
  11. A Love That's Meant to Be
  12. Two New Heralds
  13. On Her Wedding Day
  14. Another Morning's Birth

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