Summerfawn k'Leshya is an Adept-class mage, and part of the Kaled'a'in settlement that took over the former k'Sheyna Vale.

Summerfawn and Silence k'Sheyna flew to the site of the new k'Sheyna Vale, with help from the k'Leshya gryphons. Summerfawn stayed behind, while Silence, now called Snowfire, returned to the old Vale. After teaching the k'Sheyna mages how to build a Gate in tandem, Summerfawn and Snowfire built a Gate between the two Vales. Clan k'Sheyna, including Snowfire, reunited at the site of their new Vale, while Summerfawn returned to the old Vale, now called Kena Lesheyana Vale.

In the series Edit

Summerfawn appears in the following work:

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